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Infinite Possibilites​

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Raven is a brand-new CNC machine and software suite designed to make creating easier and faster than ever. Right out of the box, this system comes with everything you need to make truly extraordinary things.

Intuitive Software​

The intuitive and easy-to-use Designer software package is included with every RAVEN CNC. It is second-to-none in bringing advanced carving capabilities to every level of user. 

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Advanced Technology

AccuTrack Feed-through System

Raven’s innovative AccuTrack system provides 100% accurate length tracking by eliminating any possibility of board slippage. It uses a combination of built-in weight sensors, dual-conveyors, and a reusable tracking belt that locks in to ensure that operations are always accurate and completely repeatable. 

Brushless Spindle Motor

Raven’s air-cooled brushless spindle motor has a high power-to-weight ratio, which increases efficiency and reliability while offering a large operational speed range. With no brush and commutator, it also has significantly lower maintenance requirements.


ServoSmart Motion Control

The Raven CNC’s ServoSmart2 controller allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing. Because of this feedback, it can carve significantly faster and more aggressively than any other comparable CNC system. 

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Watch how the AccuTrack belt works and then see a quick project that covers RAVEN’s ability to go from design to finished piece in minutes.

Projects You Can Make With Raven CNC


Raven CNC

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  • Capabilities
    • Full three-axis CNC
      • 3D carving, cutting, and routing
    • Build Volume (max project size)
      • 15.5in (39.37cm) x 5.5in (13.97cm) x 12ft (365.76cm)
    • Max Encoder Resolution
      • 0.0003in (0.000762cm)
    • Speeds
      • Spindle – 3,000-22,000 rpm
      • Carving speed – up to 6 ips (15.24 cps)
      • Jogging speed – 9.3 ips (23.622 cps)
  • Software
    • Software Bundle
      • Designer™ 5
      • 50 Included 3D carving patterns
    • File Types
      • RVN, PTN, MPC, MPW
      • Imports STL, SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF 
      • Addons import DXF, OBJ
    • Operating Systems
      • Windows (10+)
      • Mac OS X (10.6+)
    • Connectivity
      • USB Flash Drive
    • Controller
      • ServoSmart™ 2 Advanced Motion Control 
        • Five feedback loops 
        • LCD graphics screen
        • Easy, guided zeroing setup
        • Problems anticipated automatically
        • Pre-calculated backlash
        • Auto-corrected slipping
  • Mechanical
    • Chassis
      • Cast aluminum head and trucks
    • Body
      • Painted steel and ABS plastic
    • Feed-through Belts
      • Heavy-duty rubberized PVC
    • Linear Bearings
      • Double-row precision roller bearings
    • CarveTight™ Spindle Chuck
      • Single-piece hardened steel
      • High-speed phenolic cage bearings
      • Single clamping paw
    • Servo Motors
      • Mabuchi motors
      • 1296 encoder counts per revolution
    • Brushless Spindle Motor
      • 675 w continuous output motor 
      • Peak 1.25hp
      • Speed range 3,000–22,000 rpm
      • Dust-free air cooling design
  • Operational
    • Storage Temperature
      • 32°–105° F (0–41º C)
    • Operating Temperature
      • 50°–105° F (10–41º C)
    • AC Input – Universal Power Supply
      • 90-240V, 50–60 Hz
  • Dimensions
    • Product Dimensions
      • 19in (45.72cm) x 13in (33.02cm) x 15in (38.1cm)
    • Shipping Package Dimensions
      • 29in (73.66cm) x 21in (53.34cm) x 20in (50.8cm)
    • Product Weight
      • 80 lbs (36.3 kg)
    • Shipping Weight
      • 85 lbs (38.6 kg)

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